Jeshal was a very naughty girl. One day, while passing through a market, she saw a stationery shop and thought of teasing it’s owner.

She went to the shopkeeper and asked for a pen. The shopkeeper took out a pen and asked her to try it. She wrote something on her notebook and then said to the shopkeeper that she didn’t like the pen. Then the shopkeeper showed her the second, then the third and then so many other pens. At last he got frustrated and asked Jeshal what kind of a pen she wanted.

Jeshal said that she didn’t need the pen anymore as she had already completed her homework. The shopkeeper had no words to say.

Four Bulls and the Lion

There were four bulls and they were very close friends. They always lived close by and grazed together. In the same forest, there lived a lion. This lion used to watch them from a distance and wanted to eat them all.

Since the bulls were always grazing together, the lion knew all four of them would hit him back. So he was waiting for the right time to attack them.

As the days passed by, a small problem started between the bulls. The problem got bigger and bigger and as a result, the bulls fought among themselves. Each bull went in their own ways and lived a lonely life.

The lion was waiting for a moment like that. He attacked and killed the bulls one by one.

The cap seller and monkeys

Once upon a time, a cap seller was travelling by walk through a forest to a nearby village. It was a very sunny day so he decided to lie down under a tree and take rest for some time till the sun sets down. As he was very tired he slept quickly.

When he was sleeping a group of monkeys came down the tree and pulled the cap seller’s bag. They opened the bag and found the colorful caps inside it. The monkeys picked up the caps and climbed back up the trees. The cap seller woke up after sometime and was shocked to find his opened bag and the monkeys all having his caps.

The cap seller became very angry, he shouted at the monkeys in the tree. The monkeys shouted back at him. This made the cap seller more angry. He picked up few stones from the ground and threw them at the monkeys. This time the monkeys threw the fruits they had in their hands at the cap seller.

The cap seller was surprised by this behavior of the monkeys. He thought for a while. This time, he removed off the cap, he was wearing and threw it on the ground. The monkeys that were watching him also did the same. They threw all the caps on the ground.

The clever cap seller collected all the caps, packed them back in his bag and moved away from that place.

April’s month

There was a nice little girl. She was 10 years old. Her name was April.

One day, April asked her parents why she was called April. Her mother answered that she was called April because she was born in April. The little girl was very happy to hear that. She liked her name.

April really liked the month April, too. This was because she had her birthday in that month. Her parents made her a party. All her friends came and celebrated with her, and she received a lot of presents.

One day, her mother became pregnant and soon April had a little brother.  Her brother was born in February. Everyone came to visit the family. Everyone suggested names for the new baby.

April did not understand what the problem was. This looked very simple to her. She said that if the baby was born in February, the correct name was February!


Ronnie, a small boy was very fond of drawing but his father didn’t allow him to do so. One day he was sitting on a windowsill when he saw a red car parked outside his house. He made a sketch of it.

Next day, the police came to his house to enquire about a red car that belonged to a gangster. Ronnie showed them his sketch from which the police got the information about the model of the car and its number too.

After few days, the police came and said that because of Ronnie’s sketch, the gangster was caught. Ronnie’s father praised him and then never stopped him from drawing.


Tony was a handsome and clever cowboy. One day, he went to a neighbouring city. He was feeling hungry but had no money. Still, he went inside a hotel.

Having had his fill, he shouted, “I challenge everybody present here that none of you has ever seen a horse with it’s tail where it’s head should be.” Everyone thought that he was fibbing.

One man said, “It’s impossible. If you show us, then I will pay your bill.” Tony took them to a stable where he had tied his horse by it’s tail to the feeding trough. People understood that Tony was clever. The man paid his bill.


John had a desire to have a bicycle of his own but his father was not rich enough to afford the same.

One day, when John was on his way to school, he saw a big boy on a cycle. As the boy was turning around a corner, the cycle skidded on a puddle of water and the boy fell down.

John went to him and helped him to get up. The boy was badly injured. John first took him to a doctor and then helped him to reach his house.

The boy belonged to a rich family and gladly presented the cycle to John.


A hunter once caught a rabbit and was carrying it home for his evening meal.

After trying very hard to escape, the rabbit said to the hunter, “If you let me go, I’ll show you where the rest of my companions are hidden, so your catch will be larger.”

The hunter said, “Now you must die for betraying your friends.” Saying this, the hunter killed the rabbit.


Two traveler were journeying together when one of them found a bag and said to another, “Look, I have found a bag of money.”

The other man said, “Remember we are traveling together. So, don’t say I’ve found it, say we have found it.”

After some time, they heard that the police were looking for the thieves who had stolen a bag of money.

The man holding the bag said, “We are undone.”

The other man said, “Don’t say we are undone but I’m undone. When I wouldn’t share any money, I’ll not have any punishment.”

How selfish the man was!



Once a milkmaid walked to the market carrying a pot of milk on her head. While walking, she dreamt of selling the milk she was carrying and buying eggs.

Then she planned that when the eggs would hatch, she will sell the chickens and with that money she would buy beautiful clothes, and imagined how people would admire her.

Just then, she tossed her head proudly and all the milk split on the ground and with that, all her dreams shattered.


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