Shrewdness Stories


Once there was a farmer who owned a large garden with variety of fruit-trees. But one mango tree got barren. Though, it no longer had any fruits, it provided shelter to many birds.

Finding the mango tree useless, farmer decided to fell it. The moment, he was about to cut the tree with his axe, the birds living on the tree begged him, “Spare this tree, sir! If you fell it, we will become homeless and have to go elsewhere. Moreover, it will deprive you of our merry notes when you are here at work.”

But the farmer turned a deaf-ear to the plea of the birds and struck at the tree with his axe. A few strokes of axe discovered a hollow in the tree-stem containing a large honey-comb inside it.

Delighted at his find, the farmer thought in his mind, “This tree is really worth keeping. If not mangoes, then honey can make me money. So, I must not fell it.”

The farmer was very clever. Finding the tree to be useless, he decided to get rid of it but the moment he came to know that the tree was still fruitful, he decided to keep it.


One day, a shepherd went to the pastures for grazing his sheep. He was looking after them, when suddenly he saw a wolf approaching him and his herd of animals. He got scared.

But the wolf didn’t do anything. He kept moving around the sheep as if to guard them. The shepherd thought that the wolf had changed with the time. Now he had become a vegetarian.

So, the shepherd gave him the responsibility of guarding his sheep and went to take a nap. When he woke up, he was shocked to see that the wolf had eaten all his sheep and had fled the scene.


One day a boy called Sunny came to a garden full of mango trees. But there was a guard guarding the trees. So, he thought of a plan. He went to the guard and asked him to play with him.

The guard agreed. Sunny drew a circle around the guard and told him that if he stepped out, he would have to pay penalty. The guard stood inside the circle and in the meantime Sunny climbed up a tree and plucked many mangoes.

The guard saw it all but could do nothing. Soon, Sunny fled away with mangoes.

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