Once, a king was looking for a suitable bridegroom for his daughter. He proclaimed in the city that whoever would answer his question correctly would be married to the princess. The question was that who or what makes people cry.

Many people answered the question but all were wrong. Just then, a young farmer came to the court and gave the answer “rain”. When the king asked for an explanation, the farmer replied, “It makes the farmer happy as his crops grow well. It makes the potter unhappy as he needs sun to dry his pots.”

The king felt very happy and got his daughter married to the young farmer.

Everyone cares for his ends

Once a donkey and a dog met on a road. They both had to go in the same direction, so they became friends and traveled together. They had taken just a few steps when they saw a packet lying by the road-side. The dog picked up the packet and giving it to the donkey said, “open it and read it out for me.

“The donkey did exactly what the dog had asked him to do. The packet turned out to be all about the things that donkey eats like grass, barley etc. the dog felt bored hearing what the donkey was reading out and said, “Turn over the pages and see if there is something about the things I am fond of such as meat, bones etc.

The donkey glanced through the entire packet but could not find anything of the dog’s sort. The dog became sadder and asked the donkey to throw it away because he found the packet useless for him.


One day Nilesh and Jahnavi met in a garden. They were best friends and were studying in the same school in the same class.

When they both were playing in the garden Jahnavi saw a black band tied on the wrist of Nilesh. She asked him the reason for wearing that band. Nilesh replied, “My mother tied it so that I don’t forget to post an important letter.”

At this Jahnavi asked, “But where is the letter?”

Nilesh searched for it everywhere. Then he remembered that his mother had forgotten to give him the letter.

When Jahnavi came to know about this, both laughed a lot.


One day, a man while walking towards his office saw a beggar coming to him. The beggar was in a very bad condition. He was barefoot and his clothes were torn.

When the beggar asked for money, the man said, “Why don’t you work? Don’t you feel ashamed asking people for money?” at this the beggar replied, “I do feel ashamed asking for money. But once when I took money without asking, the police took me to jail.”

The man had no answer to this. He went on his way to the office.


Once there were two ladies who were neighbours. One of them was very fat while the other was very thin. They always kept fighting with each other. All other neighbours were fed up of their quarrels.

One day, an elderly person said to both the ladies, “Why do you quarrel so much? Can’t you be like the wheels of a two wheeler where one wheel compliments the other?”

At this the thin lady said, “Yes, but how can a vehicle move smoothly when one tyre is of a tractor and other of a cycle.”

Everybody present there started laughing, hearing such a witty answer.


One day, Prakash’s cousin came to meet him at school. After talking to him he returned to the class. At that time, the teacher was writing something on the blackboard. Prakash didn’t say anything and quietly went inside the classroom and sat down on his seat.

After writing, the teacher went to Prakash and asked him, “Who was he?” Prakash replied with fear, “He was my cousin brother.” The teacher again asked the question and Prakash gave the same answer.

The teacher then shouted, “I am asking who was Galileo.” The whole class burst into laughter when they came to know that both teacher and Prakash had misunderstood each other.


One day, Jitesh was cycling with his brother. At a distance, they saw a steep slide. They decided to cycle down the slide.

While they were cycling down the slide, Jitesh realized that the brakes of his cycle had failed. So, he started shouting for help. Hearing his shouts, his brother quickly cycled down to him and put his leg in front of his cycle.

In a bid to save Vinay his brother got injured. Vinay also lost his balance and fell down. But he was saved from a very big mishap only because of his brother.

He hugged his brother and both of them went back home.


Jumbo, a big elephant, was very kind and caring towards others. One day, he saw a little boy crying. Jumbo went to him and asked him the reason for crying.

The boy replied, “I was carrying water to my home, when I noticed a hole in my bucket. All the water had been drained out. Now how will I take water to my home?”

Jumbo consoled the boy and thought of a plan. He filled his trunk with water and went along with the boy to his home. There he poured the water from his trunk into another basket.

The boy felt very happy and gave Jumbo bananas to eat.


One day Mr. & Mrs. Patel went out to attend a wedding. Their two sons Jay and Tushar were all alone in the house. At midnight, the doorbell rang. Tushar ran and opened the door thinking that his parents were back.

But there he found a stranger standing at the door. Actually, he was a burglar. He tied Tushar and went to the room to look for valuables. But he was unaware of Jay, the other brother.

When Jay saw the thief, he quietly slipped out of the house and complained to the police. The thief got arrested.


On a Sunday afternoon Sunny’s parents were not at home. He was feeling bored. So, he decided to go and watch a cricket match. He left his dog, Snoopy in the house.

Just after Sunny had left, a thief forced open the window. He entered the house and started searching the rooms. He took all the valuables but when he was about to leave, he saw Snoopy standing in front of him, growling.

The dog was about to pounce on him when Sunny returned home. He asked Snoopy to calm down and handed over the thief to the police.


Once taking a night stroll, Mitesh saw fire coming out of his neighbor’s house. He shouted, “Fire! Fire!” but there was nobody to hear his shouts.

Mitesh called the fire department. Meanwhile, he tried to get into the house. Somehow he succeeded to break into the house and rescued a cat. The fire was spreading into other rooms also when luckily the fire engine arrived. The firemen soon put out the fire.

When the neighbors came back, they were very sad seeing the condition of their house but thanked Mitesh for saving their cat.

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