Comical stories


Once there were two friends – a squirrel and a puppy. They used to live and play together. The squirrel was very sporty and always won the game. The puppy used to feel bad and thought that it was of no use.

One day, it started raining heavily. The squirrel was in high spirits. He started doing antics but suddenly, lost his balance and fell in the rain water.

He called his friend, the puppy for help. The puppy came to his rescue. The squirrel climbed on its back and reached a safe place. He thanked his friend for saving his life.


Once a shepherd had a large flock of sheep and a strong watch-dog to guard them. When the flock used to graze in the pasture, the dog guarded it with care.

In the noon, the shepherd, while having his lunch used to feed the dog too. The sheep watched this daily and whispered about this special treatment.

One day, when the shepherd was sharing his lunch with the dog, the sheep said, “Master! You are being unfair to we sheep. You don’t’ treat us all equally.”

“I didn’t get you. Come up clearly,” said the shepherd.

The sheep said, “We give you milk, wool and lamb but get nothing in return. We feed on grass that we have to find ourselves. This dog gives you nothing, still you feed him so affectionately.

” At once the dog said, “If I won’t be there to guard you, you won’t be able to come grazing. Either some wolf will make you your meal or some thief will steal you.

” The sheep had no words to say.


Vansh was a very notorious boy. He was very fond of chocolates. One day he went to his neighbour who gave him some chocolates to eat. He felt very happy, quickly ate up all of them and asked for more.

The aunty got angry and said that she had no more chocolates left. Then Vansh pointed out to a box in the cupboard and asked, “Then what is there in that box?” “That box is filled with insects“, replied the aunty. Later that day, on getting an opportunity, he ate up all the chocolates in the box and filled it with many insects.

When aunty came to know about it, she got very angry and scolded him.


Once there was a cat called Lucy and a rat named Taffy. Taffy was a smart rat. Every time Lucy tried to catch him, he would run back to his hole.

One day, Lucy thought of a plan. She took a dish full of milk and kept it in front of the hole where Taffy lived.

When Taffy peeped out of the hole, he saw Lucy hiding there. Suddenly, Lucy saw a long hollow pipe coming out of the hole. Taffy drank all the milk of the dish through the pipe.

Poor Lucy sat on looking at the empty dish.


There were a large number of birds in an aviary. They were well protected over there. Unluckily, an infectious disease broke out in the aviary. As a result, most of the birds fell ill.

The keeper felt worried and went looking for a doctor. The time, he was enquiring for a doctor, a cat overheard his talk from which she came to know that the birds in the aviary were unwell.

So, the wicked cat started making plans to reach the aviary some way or the other as she knew that, once inside, she could easily kill many birds and eat them up. Thinking hard, she decided to enter the aviary as a doctor.

So, she disguised herself as a doctor, took up a chest of medicines and approached the aviary door. The wicked cat asked the birds, “How are you? I have come here to cure you. Here are the medicines for your treatment.”
Wisely, the birds replied, “We are quite all right and need no nursing. So, kindly leave us alone.”

This way, the birds saved themselves from becoming the food of the wild beast.


Once there were two brothers who were very naughty. Always they were up to some mischief.

One day, their mother asked a priest to talk to her sons and put the fear of god in them so that they would mend their ways. The priest asked her to send her sons to him one by one.

Firstly, the younger brother went to the priest and sat by his side. The priest asked him in a commanding voice, “Where is God?”

The boy didn’t react. When the priest asked again, the boy ran to his elder brother and said, “Do you know God is missing and everybody thinks that we are responsible for this.”


One day two friends saw a man who was limping. One of them said that the man must have born lame. The other said that he must have met with an accident. They both started arguing over the matter.

The argument got so heated up that finally they went to the man and asked him the reason for his limping.

The man laughed and replied that he was limping as one of his sandals had broken. Both the friends walked away with an embarrassed face.


On the front gate of a temple, there was a sign which read, “Remove your footwear before entering the temple.” A guard had also been appointed there.

One day, the guard saw a man entering the temple and asked him, “Where are your shoes?”

The man replied, “I don’t wear shoes.”

“Then you can’t go inside“, said the guard.

“Why?” asked the man

“Didn’t you read the sign? It says that you can’t enter the temple without removing your shoes or slippers.”


One night, two hunters were sitting in a bar and telling each other about their experiences. One of them said, “I am really a great hunter. Once I shot a duck on its toe and head at the same time.”

The other hunter got surprised hearing this and said, “Its not possible. You must be joking.”

“No I am not joking,” said the first hunter, “The duck was scratching its head with its toe when I shot at it.”

At this, both of them laughed heartily.


Once there were two sisters named Annie and Jenny. One day they were cycling. Suddenly, Annie lost her balance and fell down and started crying. Jenny helped her in getting up and took her home.

At home, their mother bandaged her and asked their father to take Annie to a doctor for a tetanus injection.

On hearing the name of injection, Annie immediately went to the kitchen and took out an apple from the refrigerator.

Just then Jenny came into the kitchen and asked Annie whether she was scared of injection. At this Annie replied, “Yes, I am afraid of injection. That’s why I am eating this apple. Didn’t our teacher say that an apple away keeps the doctor away?”


Two donkeys who were friends, met at a crossroad. One donkey was healthy and the other malnourished. The healthy donkey asked the weak one, “What happen to you? Why do you seem so weak?”

The weak donkey replied, “My master makes me work the whole day and doesn’t give me enough food to eat and also beats me.”

“Oh” exclaimed the healthy donkey. “Then why don’t you run away from your master’s house.”
He replied, “I think my job has better prospects. My master beats his only daughter, too. And whenever he does so, he says to her, “I’ll marry you off to this donkey.” For this reason I’m not running away.”


Once there were two classmates Pat and Tom. One day, Pat went to Tom’s house to borrow a book.

On the entrance, he found a dog standing. Seeing Pat, it started barking. Pat got frightened. Tom came running and held his dog. Pat was still breathing heavily.

At this, Tom said, “Pat, dogs who bark never bite.”

Pat said, “you and I know this proverb, but this dog doesn’t know.”

Both the friends laughed heartily.


One day, a motorist was arrested for driving at a very high speed. He was presented before the judge.

The judge asked him, “Do you want to say something?”

The motorist said, “Sir, I am innocent.”

The judge asked, “Didn’t you read the traffic signboard, 30 km/hr?”

At this, the motorist said, “Sir, how could I have read that message when I was driving at the speed of 60 km/hr?”


Once, a cat thought of going to the city to see its lifestyle. But first she wanted to know how much time it will take to reach the city. She thought of calling the elephant as only he could tell that how long it will take to reach the city as he often goes there.

She called the elephant and started enquiring. Just then the elephant received a call on another line. The elephant said to the cat, “Just a minute.”

The cat put down the receiver and thought that it would take a minute to reach the city.


Rakesh got a job in a landlord‘s house. Once, a landlord’s friend came to his house. The landlord called Rakesh and asked him to bring his binocular.

Rakesh quickly went to the landlord’s room and brought the binocular. After the friend left, the landlord called Rakesh and scolded, “You should have asked me which binocular to bring, the one from England or the one from London. It would signify how rich I am.” Rakesh nodded his head.

Few days later, another friend of the landlord came to his house. The friend saw a lion skin and asked the landlord who had killed it. The landlord said that it was his father.

The landlord then called Rakesh and asked him to bring his father’s photograph. At this Rakesh asked, “Which one sir- one of England or one of London?”


Aditya was fed up of his increasing weight. All the time he kept thinking of the ways to reduce his weight.

One day he went to a shopkeeper and said, “I have come to know about a book that tells how to reduce weight. Please give me a copy of that book.”

The shopkeeper said, “Sir, the last copy of that book got sold just a few minutes back. But I have another book that tells how to gain weight.”

Aditya said, “I don’t need that. I want to reduce weight, not increase it.”

The shopkeeper replied, ” So what? Just do the reverse of what is written in the book.”


One day, two friends Beena and Atiya were sitting in a restaurant. Beena asked Atiya about her age. First, Atiya tried to hide her age but when Beena compelled her, she said, “I am just sixteen years old.”

At this Beena said, “Last year you said that your age was sixteen and now again you are saying you are sixteen years old. What’s this?”
Atiya laughed and said, “I always stick to my words.”

Both the friends started laughing at this witty comment.


One day, Ritesh’s dog got seriously ill. So, he took it to a veterinary doctor. The doctor examined the dog and declared it to be dead.

Ritesh felt very sad and asked the doctor, “Doctor, are you sure that my dog is dead? Kindly perform some tests and confirm it to me.”

The doctor agreed and asked his assistant to bring a cat. The cat sniffed the dog and went to the other room without any reaction. Thus, it was confirmed that the dog was dead.

When Ritesh asked for the bill, the doctor demanded two hundred dollars. When Ritesh asked why the bill was so high, the doctor replied, “Cat scan is really very costly.”


One day, two colleagues Hitesh and Parag were having their lunch. Just then Hitesh started having hiccups. When Parag asked him the reason, he replied that it was due to his wife’s love. When his wife missed him a lot, he had loud hiccups.

Parag thought how lucky Hitesh was to have such a loving wife. He hurried back to his house and started scolding his wife for not missing him. Then he narrated to her the whole matter. His wife understood where the problem was.

Next day, she mixed a lot of chilli powder in the lunch. When Parag sat down to eat, he had hiccups. He thought, “Oh dear! Don’t miss me so much.” Hitesh laughed seeing Parag’s condition.


Virendra was a very fat boy. He always used to be sad because of his obesity. So, he decided to consult a doctor. He said to the doctor, “How can I reduce my weight? Everybody teases me at the school.”

The doctor advised him to exercise daily. After few days, he again went to the doctor and complained that despite of exercising, he couldn’t reduce his weight rather, putting on weight.

The doctor asked him what exercise he was doing. Virendra replied, “I go for horse riding everyday. The result is that I gained weight while the horse lost weight.”

The doctor laughed and showed him how to exercise.


One day David asked his wife to go to the market and buy a mosquito net. His wife went to a shop and asked the shopkeeper to show her the best quality net.

The shopkeeper showing her a very good net said, “This is the best quality which you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Not even a single mosquito can pass through it.”

Mrs. David refused to but the net. When the shopkeeper asked the reason, she said, “If a mosquito can’t pass through it, then how will we pass through it.” Then she returned home and narrated the whole matter to her husband.

Hearing the whole matter, David laughed at his wife’s foolishness.


One day Dinesh went with his father to a zoo. He was very excited to see different types of birds and animals.

After a while, they came in front of the cage of a lion. Dinesh’s father told him how ferocious and strong lions are. Dinesh was listening very attentively.

Finally, he spoke up, “Dad, if somehow the lion comes out of the cage and eats you up, then how will I get back home? At least tell me the route to reach home.

Dinesh’s father laughed at the innocent question of the son.


Ritesh was trying to sell his house since long but couldn’t succeed. One day, he took out a brick from the wall of his house.

His wife angrily asked him, “Why did you do that?”

Ritesh replied, “You are foolish! You don’t know anything. I know why am I failing again and again in selling my house. I have never shown its sample to anyone. Now I have got a customer. I have promised him to this brick as a sample of our house.”

His wife held her head at the foolishness of her husband.


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